Three simple steps to securing your company

With LexAlign's easy-to-use online apps, you can attain, maintain and demonstrate compliance with high-risk regulations:

  • Step 1: Audit

    Quickly identify your company’s compliance gaps, and get an Action Plan to quickly fix them.

  • Step 2: Act

    Work through your Action Items to resolve your gaps.

  • Step 3: Align

    Clearly and easily show you are now meeting requirements with the necessary documents. Then stay on top of requirements that apply to you.

Secure your business with "Compliance Essentials"

Chances are, if you're an auto dealer, a retailer, or an independent financial advisor, you rely on various vendors and associations to help with compliance. But how do you know that they're giving you what you need? And what do you do when a regulator or a bank asks you to demonstrate your compliance? How do you show them that you know which requirements apply to you? How do you provide the customized documents they demand?

It's really hard for most companies to show that they know the particular requirements that apply, that they are monitoring their service providers for compliance, and that their notices, policies, audits and training materials are tailored to their specific business activities. That's why a groups of experts got together and created LexAlign: to make it easy and affordable for you to get customized and up-to-date "Compliance Essentials" you need to achieve and demonstrate compliance.

How LexAlign can help you

It's easy. First you sign up on our website and tell us what kind of business you are. After signing up and each time you log in, you'll see a "dashboard" of legal topics we're covering or planning to cover for your type of business. We're focusing on high-risk topics like data security, privacy and fair lending – topics that regulators are highly focused on. You'll also see a "Compliance Action Plan" we've created for your business type.

When you click on a Topic, we'll take you through a series of simple multiple-choice questions about your business activities. Based on your answers our software engine will determine if our products are suitable for your business. If they are, our system will analyze which particular requirements under that Topic apply to you. Once the LexAlign system has the information it needs, it will immediately take you to your "Product Page" where you'll be able to acquire the customized documents you need under that law, such as a company policy, a checklist of actionable requirements and a consumer notice. Ready to get started?