FAQs relating to App Questions

The following FAQs address common issues users encounter when answering Questions in a Topic app.

I clicked on a word and the Question disappeared. How do I recover the question?

In the Questions, clicking on the links will reveal definitions for defined terms in the space below the Question. To go back to the Question, simply scroll back up using your mouse, trackpad or keyboard, or click on "Scroll back up."

On a particular Question, none of the answer choices matches my business. How do I proceed?

Even if none of the answer options matches your business activities perfectly, try to select the answer that is the closest match. If you feel that none of the answer options on a given question fit your business practices at all, please contact us. We will be in touch shortly.

How do I go back to a previous question?

If you feel you answered a previous question incorrectly, or want to change an answer because of a new business development, please contact us. We will be in touch shortly.

FAQs relating to links

What happens when I click on a link?

The LexAlign Site contains various types of links: